Kangaroo Island: Australia’s Hidden Gem No More

aus_kangaroo1South Australia’s famed Kangaroo Island is simply a haven for wildlife, particularly kangaroos, koalas, wallabies, and penguins. And there is simply nothing better than to enjoy the lush tropical forest greeneries and the crystal blue waters of the island while lazing on a hammock by the Kangaroo Island Seafront resort.

Getting there

There are a variety of ways to get to Kangaroo Island. The most scenic, albeit seasick-prone, route will be to take a ferry from Cape Jervis all the way to Kangaroo Island’s Penneshaw. To get around the often rough seas and the threat of throwing up on the ferry, you can take a plane operated by the Regional Express that can bring you to the island from Adelaide in as little as half an hour, only a few minutes faster than the Cape Jervis-Penneshaw ferry route.

Getting around

Getting around Kangaroo Island should not be that difficult since it’s only about 50 kilometers wide and 145 kilometers long although the west is relatively remote and sparsely inhabited. Of course, you can always bring your car around if you like. That should make for an interesting and fun-filled exclusive holiday Kangaroo Island weekend getaway for you and your family or your love ones. There are also car rental services in the island. However, it’s best to book ahead because rental cars are quite limited in number. For the more economical way of getting around the island, take a shuttle service or go on a coach tour.

Where to stay

Kangaroo Island Seafront Resort is your best bet when you want to spend your holiday on Kangaroo Island. It’s right in Penneshaw so that gives it the best starting point for all the attractions in the island. The resort boasts of superb sea view rooms that overlook the Backstairs Passage. For a more private accommodation, try their Sorrento rooms or Garden villas. Whether you’re going to get any of the spectacular ocean view rooms Kangaroo Island resort has to offer or not, they guarantee a four-star accommodation experience.

What to do

A holiday to Kangaroo Island will never be complete without visiting the famed Koala bears although spotting them now will be greatly dependent on luck. You can try Vivonne Bay. Try to get a glimpse of an Echidna near Flinders Chase or Wallabies on Ryberg Road. Kangaroos often frequent the area around the American River and should not be difficult to spot especially after dark when they venture out into the open roads.

Spot a platypus during the early hours of the morning or just before sunset. Join a guided evening tour in search of penguins on the island. Try hanging out in the Admirals Arch and marvel at the school of New Zealand Fur Seals or just visit the Seal Bay Conservation Park for their Australian sea lions. Bird-watching is also a must in Kangaroo Island.

There are simply too  much to do in the island that, at the end of the day, all you want to do is to pull on the sheets and go to slumberland in your warm and cozy bed at the Kangaroo Island Seafront Resort.

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