The Four Main Parts of Breast Augmentation

The world of plastic surgery has certainly seen a lot of advancement from the old days. Breasts implants Sydney has certainly taken on new technology implementing and surgically augmenting breasts when it comes to size, texture, and the components of the implants. Back in the day, there was only one option of material – that is saline. In present times, patients have saline breast implants as an option. This option has produced positive results regarding efficiency and safety.

surgeryA big part of patients who underwent breast implant procedure still chose silicone breasts. The reason being is that the latest silicone breast implants provide softer, lighter and more natural breasts. Deflation problems are at a lower level compared to saline according to breast implants Sydney. The only downfall of silicone implants is that they cost more than saline implants.

Aside from costing less than silicone implants, saline requires a smaller incision cut to put the implants in. However, it does not have that natural look that silicone offers. Breast implants Sydney says that it also looks hard to the touch and is more susceptible to deflating and bursting. In the end, the patient is the one who will have to make the decision regarding what type of gel to use for her implants.

The truth is that plastic surgery, particularly breast implants is more accepted today, but because of privacy reasons, a lot of patients would like to keep their operations under strict confidentiality. This also includes the place where the incision is to be done by Dr Dona Plastic Surgery. A well concealed incision will help keep the implant surgery a private one for the patient. With this in mind, the size of the incision should also be small so that it will not be easily visible to other people.

The good thing about the latest techniques in plastic surgery is that the size of incisions have been significantly decreased through the years. With this, the visibility of scars has been reduced as well. The most popular incision process are the inframmamry cut which is done underneath the fold of the breast, transaxillary, which is located near the underarms and the peri-areolar that cuts near the areolar.

When it comes to the type of incision, it is best that the patient meet with the surgeon regarding this matter so everything can be planned accordingly. Even in other operations and procedures like nose job Sydney, these techniques have been very effective in concealing scars.

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