The Best Authentic Lebanese Restaurants in Australia

Authentic Lebanese cuisine is hard to come by in Australia. Looking for the best chicken and chips may be a challenge as the best quality can only be found in certain restaurants. With the country’s diverse range of cuisines, you may want to try an authentic Lebanese food experience.

Lebanese foods to try

kebab2Lebanese cuisine mainly consists of whole grains, poultry, and fresh fish. Most of the standard dishes for the cuisine consists of chicken and lamb. It is matched with vegetables and chips on the sides to complete the experience for customers. Staple sides like hummus, garlic sauce, Baba ghanoush, and Sumbusik are offered. They are derived from various influences like Mediterranean, Arab, and Turkish cuisines that offer some similar plates and styles of cooking.

One of the most famous dishes from it is charcoal chicken. Using free-range chicken that is flavored with the traditional marinade and cooked to perfection, unfamiliar eaters may find themselves coming back for more. It goes along with sides like hummus and garlic sauce to bring out the flavor of the food better. The best chicken and chips are offered as a perfect combination.

Falafel is another must-have. It is a deep-fried food shaped into a ball made with chickpeas and fava beans. Onions and herbs are also added to bring the better flavor. Aside from these spices are added which makes it a good to go with fresh salads, hot chips, and tasty dips.

Kebab is another trademark dish made from skewered meat filled with flavor to bring out its meaty flavor. It is served with hummus, pickles, and Lebanese bread.  Others may also try the Kafta which is lamb meat shaped into meatballs and flavored with spices.

Those who are looking for healthier options will be delighted with the vegetarian platter which offers a handful of vegetables and some meat on the side. This includes Baba ghanoush, an appetizer made from wrapped eggplant and olive oil, cauliflower, cheese Sumbusik, Lebanese bread, hummus, and pickles.

They are also offered in sets for groups of people. You can set it to be either vegetarian or standard meat.

The best Lebanese restaurant in Sydney serves all of this food along with great service and abundant space. This also goes along with good service and a peaceful atmosphere where solos or groups can eat and taste the best quality of the cuisine. This is the best place to go look for the best chicken and chips.

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