The Welfare of Workers in High-Risk Occupations

Through the years, the number of accident reports and cases had plummeted. Slips, trips, and falls are the most common causes of injuries and even death and the majority of them were from working platforms such as that of a scaffolding. Working on elevated spots is never an easy job because there are many hazards and dangers involved. Henceforth, the plight and safety of workers must be given special attention.

high_risk1Many tragedies in the project workplace could have been avoided. Unprecedented falls are the consequences of lack of awareness whether it be in the installation or operation process, compliance to standards and regulations, presence of safety equipment or preparation, weight capacity and training given to the employees. Government regulations must be observed before and during the construction timeframe. There must be daily inspection and maintenance by the legal authorities and the developers. Materials and equipment must conform to the standards and safety and health regulations. Likewise, harnesses, body belts and durable scaffolding should also be available in the site for suspension protection.

Despite the active role played by the officials, the contractors should still be responsible for their laborers. It is just providing builders’ insurance that will cover losses related to the serious industrial injuries or disease. It is essential to ensure that the well-being and safety of workers are well taken-care of. Injuries and accidents are rampant in the construction of buildings and infrastructures and so the presence of insurance will keep them protected.

As a means of protection, written contracts must be known to both parties – the employer and the employee wherein there is just compensation such as reimbursement of wages and medical expenses given to the worker. They are compelled to issue benefits and insurance programs to guarantee the welfare of those who are under them. In return, the contractor cannot be sued for work-related damages.

Incidents regarding the use of scaffolding and other platforms are not new occurrences. Annually, the records of victims are increasing and settlement agreements should exist to resolve these predicaments. There should be a civil and humane treatment and relationship between the two parties. Think of it this way – safe and healthy workers will result to a faster and more efficient construction. Although this is a huge expense to shell-out, it will definitely be a win-win position for both parties. Besides, property contractors know that investing in workers’ insurance will save them from any human error.

Workers’ safety and health are paramount in any workplace. When breach arises, there has to be a due process. Check out

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