The Digital Publishing Dos and Don’ts

online_mag2Digital publishing has allowed so many authors to put their works out there without the stress of having to look for a publisher to help them with this. If you think you have a good material, create an e-book! If you think that you and your friends have great ideas for whatever industry, use online magazine software and let the public know about it all!

Success is measured in various ways. While individuals have their own way of looking at success, you will need people actually reading your creations and liking it when it comes to digital publishing.

So if you want to do well in this business, take note of the following:

Do have a target market in mind

Are you into fashion? Do you like talking about celebrities? Are you more of an economic/financial kind of guy or a political one? Or do you want to talk about everything that’s happening in a month?

Forget the online publishing software you want to buy for now. Make sure that you have a market who will read your e-magazine first before you work on the rest.

Do create good stuff and don’t disregard editing

The test of a writer is if he or she can write something that their prospective audience wants to read about or will like after reading. So make sure that you come up with good stuff. But more importantly, have a skilled editor check on it before it gets published.

Do make it pop!

It’s a magazine not a research paper. Add photos to your articles. The advantage of e-magazines is that you could also add videos too. So do that. Aside from flipbook software, there are other tools that you could use for this.

Don’t disregard SEO

Because it is an e-magazine, you will need to market it as you would your website online. Send prospective readers e-mails, have them subscribe to you, make sure your meta-data is perfectly incorporated, etc. Sure, that online magazine software can help you create the product but the only way to ‘sell’ it on the net is through good search engine optimization.

Finally, don’t worry about not getting readers

People these days love digital magazines! They can’t get enough of it because practically everyone is online and on mobile. Why flip those real ones on the newsstands when you get immediately notified of what’s in and what’s hot?

So get to work ASAP. Any online magazine software out there will work as long as your ideas are golden.

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