Wedding Videos: Becoming a Wedding Videography Expert

There are secrets in the trade of shooting a wedding video. Yes, practically everyone can do it, but making sure every single moment is captured and recorded is a thing that only professional Sydney wedding videography experts can do. However, it doesn’t mean you don’t stand a chance in making a career or living out of wedding videos. In fact, there’s a great potential in every one, provided they are willing, committed, and passion about Sydney wedding cinematography.

Anyhow, here are some tips to begin your hope of become a great wedding video expert.

  1. Having the Right Gear
    gearBecause of the ever changing and constant improvement in technology, video equipment easily becomes outdated. But remember, you don’t necessarily have to purchase the most expensive and advanced gear, you just have to have the right one for shooting wedding videos. Even the basic equipment will do, as long as you have the essentials like audio recorders or remote microphone system, high definition camcorder, and a fluid head tripod.
  2. Make Sure Your Back up Your Audio
    Know that amateur wedding videography usually lead to touchy results. Using remote microphones will allow you to pick up more voices than others. But most professionals use audio recorders in order to back up their audio, the purpose of which is to prevent the likelihood of getting no audio at all.
  3. LUX Ratings
    If you don’t know what it means, LUX is actually a measurement of camera sensitivity. It is a primary consideration when you’re purchasing a video camera. Sydney wedding videography video cameras with lower LUX ratings are designed to produce better video quality in low light settings. The thing is weddings are usually held in low light scenes like churches, reception halls, and synagogues. Therefore, you will want a camera with a low LUX rating.
  4. Show Up in the Rehearsals
    But of course, it’s not just about the gear. You also have to show the bride and the groom that you’re professionally committed to the job. You need to show up in the rehearsals, too. You can’t be too confident thinking you just go there at the actual ceremony and don’t mind the rehearsal. This will prove to be a big mistake on your part. The wedding rehearsal is very important because it helps you scout the area and prevent any problems related to the views, lighting, and the placement of microphone. Also, showing up at the rehearsals means you are a team player and is willing to make sure everything will fall into place come the actual celebration.
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