Everything You Need to Know About Photo Booths in Sydney

Magic moments caught on camera, that secret smile shared by newlyweds or that blush the debutante has on her cheeks when her crush asks her for a dance are priceless. This is why having photographers and videographers ready to capture those moments in those events are indispensable. Now, here’s another must have – photo booths!

You’ve seen the more traditional photo booth in movies where couples would go inside a small stall, close the curtains and have their sweet or wacky photos taken. The pictures are developed instantly in a strip and they take this home as remembrance.

The concept of the photo booth is pretty much the same until today. However, you really do not have to go inside a cramped stall, as you would back in the 80s. These are now called ‘open air photo booths’.

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When you hire a full photo booth service, you should expect to see the following for their set-up:

–      Complete studio lighting

–      Good DSLR camera

–      Computer and Photo printer

–      Backdrop or photo-wall that is appropriate for your event

–      Props like different kinds of hats, silly sunglasses, scarves, and so on.

–      The photographer and another attendant

Usually, photos that will be taken are immediately printed and then given to the guests. All these are to be saved on a USB file and then given to the hosts of the event. Some photo booths will give a certain number of copies per photo. Others upload it to a website or social media network like Facebook so that guests can tag themselves easily or share the photo to their friends ASAP. It all depends on the packages you have chosen.

Having a photo booth hire may seem like an additional expense for that event, which you’re planning to do. But it’s not!

Instead of preparing other giveaways like trinkets and figurines, the instantly developed photos can be that special gift for your guests. Not only will they have fun while having their pictures taken with their friends and loved ones, they will also take something significant at home to remember you and your event.

There are numerous Sydney photo booth services that you could find these days. Just go online and you will see a long listing of these companies offering their services. Aside from those mentioned on top, see what other nice perks you can get. Inquire with several selections and ask for discounts and freebies before you decide on one.

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