Marketing Trends that Online Marketers

It was in 2013 when online marketers made a prediction on digital marketing as the newest craze to settle in the world of web marketing. Today, marketing professionals see the evolution of online marketers into digital marketing, and SEO Sydney digital is among those that had started setting the stage.

There is no doubt that mobile explosion had big impact on the way people of today get connected. Desktops had dramatically lost its place at the top of eCommerce as smartphones and tablets are the most preferred computer device. SEO company used to take these digital devices as a mere add-ons on building and creating websites and marketing campaigns. However, as mobile users emerged as the top of the mind in campaigns (their population is the biggest reason why), in promoting a brand and image awareness, mobile marketing soon became what it is today – an explosive marketing trend.

online marketing keywordsWhile people still go online on their desktops, online marketers can’t deny the fact that the big shift to mobile devices had prompted business websites to attract this group of people and demand to have their web pages to be mobile-friendly. Sydney SEO professionals in response have turned their attention to mobile-designed websites and use mobile concept in promotions and marketing campaigns.

Another big leap from traditional media is initiated by real time marketing using social media such as Twitter and Instagram. Marketers see this trend to give instant success as everything can be “tweeted” and SEO Sydney digital started sprouting like mushrooms to take advantage of real-time marketing, which by far is more exciting and inspiring to both consumers and business’ ends.

Content is without doubt will always be king but with digital marketing trend, content must be scaled down to smaller screens resulting to shortened content. The rule here is that, the more consumers can digest a brand’s content quickly, engagement is more likely and higher sharing rate as well. One of the biggest benefits of short content is that it is more affordable to produce.  SEO Sydney Digital embracing this marketing trend is able to provide SEO services that are more affordable and budget-friendly.

Advertisements exchange through a programmatic ad buying is another marketing trend that is levering the buying and selling premium advertising. It is both a good way to boost selling ads and building relationship and partnership between publishers and advertisers.

Research-based data is a returning marketing trend that is now more on qualitative research than of ethnographic research where marketers are able to ask consumers what they think of products and services offered to them. This marketing trend provides useful insights for brands

Marketing trends come and go, and with right approach, they can really bring in expected results.

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