Tuning Up your Ride the Easy and Practical Way

In the world of car enthusiasts, nothing beats wheels that are well-tuned and optimized to bring out the beast in the automotive beauty. While you may spend thousands of dollars tuning up your car just to squeeze every drop of juice that you can from its engines, sometimes all you need is a visit to any of the Sydney performance parts and tuning shops and you can well be on your way to literally setting the road on fire.

Man has always been fascinated by everything fast. Fast cars. Fast planes. Fast motorcycles. Fast computers. Fast smartphones. Fast everything. You get the picture. And when it comes to fast cars, nothing can compare to the exhilaration of tweaking one’s car to allow it to perform at breakneck speeds.

Here’s how you can excel at tuning up your car.

cobb1One trick you might want to consider is upgrading the engine control unit of your car. You can order a COBB Accessport and install it under your hood and watch the power of your car’s engine suddenly roar to life. Many of the cars that roll out from factories have all been conservatively set. You need to let the beast roam.

If you are tuning an old car, synthetic engine oils may not really work. However, for the sake of experimentation, why not? Synthetic oils can significantly boost engine performance. Make sure to frequently change them though because burnt oil will simply not be good for your engine in the long run. You can get the best engine oil you can find from your favourite Sydney performance parts store where they can have an excellent array of synthetics for every type of engine.

Another area where you might want to tweak is the bushings and engine mounts of your car. Changing these to polyurethane bushings and engine mounts can make your ride more agile, feel tighter, and remarkably act meaner once you take it out on the streets.

The wheels will also have to be modded a bit. Choose tires that literally hug the tarmac to keep you safe while running at breakneck speeds. And while you are tweaking the wheels, why not go for a brake upgrade as well?

Other things you might want to consider when tuning your car can include building a strut tower brace across your hood for easier handling, replacing your old air filter and spark plugs, installing better and more clever shock absorbers, and replacing the factory exhaust with one from your favourite Sydney performance parts store.

Scouting for your car’s performance parts can really be tiring. Good thing, there are now online stores that cater to car enthusiasts. Simply visit http://www.wolfracingproducts.com.au/.

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