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As you travel in France, you’ll need extra information to make sure you can really enjoy everything it has to offer, good food, wine and beautiful and scenic French countryside.

This page has country facts that would help you learn more about France. There are also guidelines on getting started with your French sightseeing as well as for your relocation when you decide to stay longer.

Browse this page and you’ll find information about groups and clubs in France that are essential when moving to France. We also have destinations guides that tell you about accommodations; costs and where to find the cheapest and the best deals.

There are also tips how to enjoy France’s cheap food; where to buy and where to find the nearest local market to buy fresh French farm products as well as where are the local shops that sell cheap lunch including wine.

But don’t think we’re only here for the budget travelers as we also have destination guides for those who yearn for high-end French living.

Our guide page is all you need to get acquainted, informed and familiarized to everything about French’s lifestyles. With right and updated travel information within your reach, any French traveler like you can easily turn an adventure into an authentic French Adventure.

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