Great yet Affordable Short Term Accommodation in Sydney

The greatest thing about my job, being a businessman, is travelling. And there is no doubt that one of the best places that I have ever visited is Sydney. Although I allocate time for sight-seeing and other recreational activities when I go to a certain place, I make sure that I don’t stay there long to save money. That’s also the reason why I’m always looking for short term accommodation Sydney.

annandale1The first time I went to Australia (it was in Brisbane), I checked in a hotel. While that was quite convenient, I had to spend more when I eat in restaurants or even to get coffee. And the fact is, I don’t really get to rest when I’m in a hotel. It’s not the home away from home that allows relaxation.

So the next time I was set to go down under, this time in Sydney, I decided to find one of those furnished apartments to rent inner Sydney.

It was actually a friend who advised that I do this instead. She said that this was one of the best decisions she ever made and that she does this whenever she feels like vacationing.

I then started looking through the net and, voila! There were really a lot of great options! It was totally a surprise for me. So I began my research, figuring that this was a better and cheaper approach before I start calling those that would be in my shortlist.

One of those that really interest me is the Annandale Apartments. This is located in Sydney’s Inner West that was very close to the city center and the famous Sydney Harbour. What can be more amazing than that, seriously?

Some hotels in the same area will charge you $200 a day. The standard apartment, which already includes a bedroom, an en suite toilet and bath, a kitchenette with fridge and microwave plus other furniture pieces, will cost you $275 for a week. For short term accommodation Sydney, this is amazing.

So I immediately called them, and booked five days and four nights. I was already happy that I’d get to save money since I could prepare simple meals in the kitchen and make my own coffee. Then they gave me a discount! How amazing is that?

I will be going back to Sydney in a few months and I’m thinking that staying there again would be great. However, I am also considering staying in another short term accommodation Sydney because, as I have said, there are other great options.

Why go on hotels when you can stay on furnished apartments and enjoy the same comfort? Go for

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