Bergen Norway, A place to visit in your lifetime

bergennorwayBergen Norway is a city you have to visit in your lifetime. It is known as Norway’s international city, boasting of diverse culture that any visitor from around the world can identify with. A town in the Scandinavian region, it is rich in history and is not moderate in showcasing its beauty. To symbolise the significance of Bergen, it is among UNESCO’s World Heritage List. So you have arrived in Bergen and you are wondering what you can do to have some fun? The city is replete with wonderful nature with the most obvious feature being surrounded by seven picturesque hills. There are art collections, museums which showcase interesting history and great places to dine.

Things that you can do include visiting the great Bergen Aquarium. The site has over 50 large and small aquariums which hold a diversity of marine life species. You will get an opportunity to have a look at some of the most mind-blowing and unique aquatic life you are not going to see anywhere else. Have a look at marine species which are rare. The aquarium has a tropical section which is a mix of land and marine animals such as crocodiles and snakes.

You cannot stay in Bergen without visiting the historic Bryggen. It is one of the main attractions not just in Bergen but in the country. It is a historic site built in 1702 but the foundations have been in place since the 12th century. The site has survived catastrophes such as fires but it has stood strong and is a symbol of the Middle Ages in Norway. Bryggen was a trade centre involving many nations such as Germany so there is a lot of interwoven history as you step into the alleys and walk through the ancient hallways. One is recommended to visit the Bryggen Museum to explore not only Bergen’s but also Norway’s cultural history. The Torget fish market is a landmark place to visit if you want a taste of fish delicacies. The market is near Bryggen and so after having a date with history, you can drop by the fish market and have a meal comprising of your favourite fish from Salmon to prawn to whale meat. There are delicacies such as seafood salads and fish cakes.

There are several festivals in Bergen which you could relish. There is the Night Jazz festival which is a great teat for both the young and old. There is the Bergen Food festival where you get to sample Bergen’s finest local food producers. There is a big cultural festival known as the Bergen International festival which runs for 14 days where dance, music and art are celebrated in colorful fashion. In June there is the Bergenfest which is a music festival and there is a film festival in September.

The best time to visit Bergen Norway is between May and September when it is summer time. There is plenty of accommodation including hotels and guest houses. Transportation in and around Bergen is available and efficient. There are trams and taxis as well as motorcycles and boat transportation as well. Alternatively you can rent a car to drive around Bergen, this way you will have flexible time discovering the beauty of the city.

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