7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Mobile App

Smartphones and other mobile devices are great and innovative on their own. But what makes them better and more useful are the applications that users install on them — whether they’re social media apps, mobile games, or e-commerce and retail platforms. And with people’s continued patronage with these apps, the importance of application development has become more and more punctuated over the past years.

Got a small business but don’t have a mobile app for it yet? Here are seven reasons why you need to invest in the mobile application development of your business.

  1. The numbers say so. The app development industry is on a roll: Over half of the world’s internet traffic comes from mobile apps. Shopping through mobile apps is also included in the top online activities of mobile users — no wonder why 82% of businesses with apps claim that they’ve hit their target business growth through application development
  1. You can be more visible to your customers. People are spending a significant amount of time on their phones. If you have an app, you are making your products more accessible to the public. As it enhances brand awareness, you can even expand your customer base. Pro tip: integrate your app with social media to reach more audiences.
  1. Customer engagement is much efficient. Through a mobile app, you can efficiently build relationships with your consumers. You can conduct polls and get feedback in real-time. And by offering great customer service, you can subtly prompt your customers to become more loyal to your business.
  1. It’s a great marketing platform. Got a new product to offer? Thinking of doing a mid-year sale? Whatever campaign it may be, your partnering app development company can easily incorporate marketing features and promos on your mobile app.
  1. You can boost your sales. Having a mobile app is an investment that yields great returns. Did you know that 42% of online consumers tend to use e-commerce or retail app to purchase something in the future once they’ve shopped through a certain brand’s website once? This online spending behavior can be maximized with the right sales strategy (e.g. offering exclusive bonuses on your app).
  1. It gives you a competitive advantage. If you’re a small business and none of your competitors have a mobile app, you can get ahead of them and capture more consumers when you launch a platform that gives convenient access to your products and services.
  1. It’s a source of good statistics. When working with an app developer in Australia, inquire about your app’s analytics features. With it, you can track and understand your users’ behavior, allowing you to create more effective campaigns in the future.
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