Paris Wine Bars

Your French experience is never complete without French wine bars. With many wine bars to choose, Paris is now raging on a new trend of the so-called vin naturels or natural wines that feature new and old way of making wines.

When you’re in Paris, you can go to a wine bar every night and experience a different kind of wine drinking experience. Your glass of French wine usually goes with a charcuterie plate of homemade terrine with decors that bespeak of French culture that are trendy and “downtown “as well as inspiring and friendly. With places especially those in Canal St. Martin area where wine bars offer all natural wines, owners of these wine bars are now offering natural wines that introduced a new and old way of making wines and come up with natural biodynamic organic wine.

These wines use a wine making process introduced by Rudolf Steiner  that follows a strict process  that are tuned in to nature’s energy like planting following the phases of the moon, putting cow horns in the soil and other methods that are cognizant to nature. The method is not at all new and has been used for many years for wine makers however when wine bar Racines introduced it on its opening night in 2007, a new craze was created and soon the natural biodynamic organic wine won the hearts of Paris’ wine bar lovers.

These wine according to many taste good if not better as makers do not add any stabilizers creating genuine refreshing and good tasting wine. Another great character of these organic wines is that they do not contain any chemical yeast that is found to be harmful to the body. The thought that these organic wines do not have unnatural contents drives Paris and its wine bar patrons to be won over by the so called natural wine movement.

Paris wine bar patrons are now swearing that these organic and natural wines are completely different from normal French red wine and that they taste fresher and leave grapier taste. They also have more kick.

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