Difference Between a Wedding Planner And a Wedding Coordinator

Every individual aspires for a dream wedding. Getting married in wedding villas in Bali can contribute to making your special day one for the books. To help make your wedding truly memorable, you can solicit the help of a wedding planner. Finding one can be tricky because you could end up working with a wedding coordinator instead. Let us identify the difference between the two.

While both wedding planner and coordinator can help set up your ceremony in wedding villas in Bali, you need to bear in mind that they are different from each other. However, to be efficient one must be both. In order to successfully plan a wedding, you need to coordinate those plans.

Wedding Planner

Depositphotos_34752583_s-2015From the name itself, the wedding planner will be the most involved professional during your wedding. Aside from working with the staff of the wedding villas in Bali, a wedding planner will be involved in activities such as event budgeting, venue scouting, negotiating with vendors, preparation and tracking of guests list, and others.

Wedding planners are hired when the bride and groom are too busy to manage the planning of their wedding. These professionals have experience in handling Bali weddings so the couple can bank on their wealth of resources. Hiring them is recommended if the couple are not good in organizing events. The fees for their services will vary depending on the responsibilities they will be handling.

Wedding Coordinators

In contrast with Bali wedding planners, coordinators provide assistance during the planning process. Their job is to ensure that everything will go smoothly during the wedding day. They also have the responsibility of ensuring that all wedding plans will be implemented and addressed. The wedding coordinator oversees everything during the ceremony.

It is also the job of the wedding coordinator to make sure that the logistics that will be used for wedding venues in Bali is confirmed with the vendor. They will serve as the right hand of the couple answering questions or inquiries related to the wedding. They make even recommend a good wedding planner.

Similarly, the fees that will be paid to the wedding coordinator will vary depending on the region and the level of service that they will provide.

When you want your special day to be near to perfect, hiring the help of a wedding planner makes sense. They will serve as your partner in ensuring that your wedding day will be one that both you and your guests will truly remember.

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