Plan an Artistic and Creative Wedding Photo Shoot

Wedding photos are a must in every wedding ceremony and this is why couples scout for professionals well-ahead of their wedding date. It is normal to look for cheap wedding photography and videography for the simple reason that there’s so much to spend on during weddings – the venue, food, dresses, musicians and so on and so forth.

Another reason why you need to book wedding photography services early on is to be able to plan the kind of photo shoot you want to have. Nowadays, the cheesy studio or portrait shots don’t cut it anymore. Couples want creative and artistic shoots with a theme or one that tells a narrative about them as real people. For example, couples can stage a really dramatic series of shots with a theme. Some go to a park, a beach, or a special location overlooking a mountain or stream.

depositphotos_47350795_s-2015In some instances, wedding photographers in Brisbane plan location shoots to showcase the couple’s interests and personalities. For example, they take shots of the couple climbing mountains or participating in ultra marathons. Some travel to different countries in order to portray their love for travel, adventure or charity work in third-world countries. The shots are dramatic, the colors are bold, and there is emotion in every frame of the photos. Compare that to staged poses and shots where both have too much make up and with bored expressions on their faces.

Artistic wedding photography aims to humanize the subjects. It focuses beyond the people as a couple and their pretty clothes on their wedding day. Guests and family will get to see these two during their best and most vulnerable moments as well. Sadly, some cheap wedding photography aren’t able to carry these kinds of plans out. So ask around and look for a professional with a keen eye for detail and is willing to go beyond his comfort zone in order to capture the perfect photographs.

Some of the best Brisbane wedding photographers post portfolios of such artistic wedding shoots on their personal websites. This allows couples to see what kind of shots they are capable of doing. It also gives them an idea of the possible themes they can use. For couples who love to dance, shots of them dancing can be showcased in the photo and video shoot. This dance can be used to tell the story of how they met, fell in love, and what led them to decide to spend the rest of their lives together.

Naturally, the posed and group photos with families and guests at the wedding will also be part of the package. The good thing about cheap wedding photography is that they always cover the classics – and that includes the framed 8 x 10 photo of the couple and the wedding album. So, if you’re planning to get married soon, you should start thinking of an artistic wedding shoot theme as early as now.

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